January 24, 2008

The Chubby on Me

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So. A little about me.

First of all, as I’ve discovered on my personal blog, I have an annoying tendency to start sentences with “So.” 🙂

I’m 30 years old. I live in the Midwest and work as an administrative assistant. I’m sort of freaky and sort of geeky. I have a huge dog. I’m a flaming liberal, politically, though i probably won’t talk about that much on this blog.

This blog is about fat. And body image.

I currently wear a size 16 and have an “obese” BMI, and first became “overweight” in my early twenties. However, weight has been an issue in my life since before I was even really aware of it; as I’ll probably discuss at greater length later, I have a father who suffered an eating disorder and was a right bastard to his wife and kids about food, exercise, and weight; and a mother who is the queen of all yo-yo dieters. I’ve been fat since I was about 23; I’ve thought I was fat since I was 12.

My first stirrings of fat activism reared their heads when the threshold for “overweight” was lowered and then, surprise surprise, a study showed there were more overweight people than ever before! I snorted and said, “Well, of course. If you start “overweight” at a lower number, it’s going to include more people.”

My general pissed-offness about the obesity hysteria has grown ever since, and this blog will be my place to talk about it and rant about it. There are two things I hold to be self-evident, and if you disagree with them, this blog may not be your cup of tea.

1. Being fat is not as bad for you as our culture wants you to believe.
2. Whether being fat is bad for you or not doesn’t change the more important thing: fat people should be treated with basic human respect, just like everyone else.

On that note, I ought to go and, you know, do what they pay me for. 😉 More ramblings to follow whenever I get the chance.


January 23, 2008

Welcome to Embonpoint

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Welcome to Embonpoint. My name is Kelly, and I’ve been commenting over at Shapely Prose for a while now, as “Kelly L.”

Finally, I decided I wanted a soapbox of my very own, one where I could talk about fat and body image issues to my heart’s content, and so here I am! 🙂

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