January 28, 2008

“I Could Never Do X, I’m Too Fat”

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This afternoon, my dear friend F. and I did what we usually do when we have a lazy weekend afternoon to hang out: we went to Barnes and Noble.

They’ve got a big rack of exercise books and assorted exercise paraphernalia up front right now, presumably for the New Year’s Resolutioners (Resolvers?), and among them are some books on yoga. F and I were standing around near that rack but with our backs to it, looking at the “New in Paperback” rack, and I heard a voice behind me saying,

“I could never do yoga. I’m too fat.”

I turned around without thinking. I’m not even sure what I planned to say to the woman, maybe “I’m fat and I do yoga,” or “my friend is also fat and she does yoga,” or “do whatever the hell you want and don’t worry about your fat.”

But I didn’t say anything, partly because I’m chicken by nature and, more importantly, couldn’t tell who’d spoken. There was no one standing by the exercise books by the time I turned around. The only woman in sight was a little ways from the rack, and it’s not like I could go up to a total stranger and say, “Excuse me, ma’am, but did you say a minute ago that you’re too fat for yoga?” without it seeming offensive.

The woman, the one I think made the comment, was about a size 12. I’m not sure which is sadder, that fat women in this society think their size precludes them from the things they want to do, or that women who aren’t even fat think the same thing. They’re probably about equal, really.

So on that note: Follow your bliss, y’all. Size be damned.



  1. Yoga is fantastic! I weigh 200 pounds and I’m just as flexible and “balanced” (if not more so) than the thinnest people in the room. You can be a twig and have rotten form and be completely inflexible, just like you can be skinny and UNHEALTHY. I think people see photos of slim flexible yoga instructors and they get intimidated. Yoga is one of the best things in my life, until people try it they just have no concept about how wonderful it is!

    Comment by yogaLover — January 30, 2008 @ 11:19 am

  2. I was dancing at a public belly dance event and would periodically go through the audience with hip scarves and try to entice strangers into dancing with the group of us (all different sizes and ages and, for that matter, genders)(sexes? I always confuse the two). Anyway, one woman, she must have weighed, oh, 165 or so, said to me, the 275lbs dancer, Oh, I could never do that, I’d jiggle too much.

    To which I replied, Oh, that’s the whole point!

    Silly peoples.

    Comment by Orodemniades — January 31, 2008 @ 7:24 pm

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